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>> >> >> frantic shoppers around you may be in need of a break from the festivities and have no fear i will count down the places that will add fun to the madness. if you're in good of a good laugh stop by for free comedy night and food and drink speciallies. come laugh the night away at 8:00 p.m. sharp. after that get your skate grove on in your finest black and
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white duds. join the godfather of skate and his party crew this thursday at the skate night. skate to the funk and rolear disco and say the words "i love skating" and get a discount at the door. maybe the star party is your cup of tea and socialize and get tips about the night sky and from san francisco's picturesque land's end and the skies the limit. that's the weekly buzz. visit us >> good morning. welcome to the regular meeting
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of the budget and finance committee. my name is carmen chu, chair of the committee. supervisor avalos will be joining us shortly. he is currently at the bay area air quality management district. i'm also joined by supervisor kim. our clerk today is mr. young. at sfgt we have jennifer low and mark bunch. mr. low, do you have any announcements? >> yes. please turnoff all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included as part of the [speaker not understood] should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the december 11, 2012 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. would you call item 1? >> item number 1, resolution authorizing the recreation and park department to accept and expend a grant of $870,355 from the san francisco parks alliance for the design and construction of a playground in sue bierman park. >> thank you very much. do we have a representative on this aye fen? -- item?
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please come on up. >> good afternoon, supervisor chu. good afternoon, supervisor kim. my name is abigail [inaudible] with the partnerships division with recreation and park department. i am here to talk about the accept and expend grant from the san francisco parks a likesv in the amount of $870,355 which will authorize the recreation and park department to accept and expend this grant for the design and construction of a playground in sue bierman park. i'd like to spend a few minutes to give you some background on the group that's working on this project and the playground as well. the friends of waterfront playground is a volunteer organization formed by two waterfront neighborhoods, the would ease access to
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renewables, push some state advocacy efforts, development of new renewable energy financing mechanisms for customers in san francisco, and a continue our education and outreach. these efforts are vital for san francisco to continue to achieve its climate and sustainability goals. i thank you for your consideration and i'm happy, along with my colleague adam stern to address any questions the committee may have. >> thank you. and just to clarify, this also would not require any additional hires, correct? >> correct. no additional hires. >> thank you. so, why don't we open this item for public comment since there is no report on this item. are there members of the public who wish to speak on item number 3? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion to send this item forward with recommendations. >> so moved. >> we'll do that without objection. item 4. >> item number 4, resolution authorizing the department of emergency management to
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>> test
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to put all the retail and restaurants and bars that are on the street so that before and after the festival, festival goers can go and patronize these establishments. it's very important to us. * * you see our commitments with the restaurants. we have close to 60 restaurants out at the festival and 58 of them are local restaurants and of those 58, 50 are san
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francisco-based restaurants. we had 16 breweries out there this year and beer lands, four of those breweries, they're all northern california with the exception of one. but four were from san francisco proper. and then the wineries, we have 33 wineries out there and they're all from northern california. we're very supportive of the local businesses throughout san francisco, throughout the bay area, and we pay particular attention to the neighborhoods that surround the park because we do understand that those neighborhoods are being impacted most by this event. you know, gordos burritos, [speaker not understood], and they have an extraordinary big weekend in the brick and mortar store as well as on the festival grounds. we have some vendors here today who will speak to that as well as [speaker not understood]
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feingold who oversees the local restaurants and the restaurant just down the street. >> i appreciate that and that commitment. one of the things i do want to be clear about, the area that i'm really concerned about is the area right on irving street closest to the impacting area where the 25th avenue entrance is. i don't believe there are many businesses there that participate in the festival. and i'm not saying that they have to be. but i really think they ought to have a fair shot. i think you really ought to make the effort to incorporate as much of our local merchants as possible. pacific catch is in the sunset, but it's in the inner sunset, not the outer sunset, the area that tends to be forgotten when it comes to the benefits and really making sure that you do the out reach. so, i would definitely encourage you to do that. >> absolutely. and if you have a contact for the merchant association, if you could pass it along, that would be fantastic. >> great. and then to nick, then, just to follow-up on final questions.
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just remind me again in terms of the local hire. i want to thank supervisor mar for advocating for that. i think that's a great start. how many jobs did you say that would translate to? >> well, the commitments an annual job fair in the outer sunset and richmond. they are committed to having the two largest employers on the site, the two largest vending companies, the security company, and the beverage company who employ over 1200 patrons on-site, that they would work through that jobs fair to hire any available positions for the event. i do want to say i think the event has already employed many of the principles of local hire and planning the entertainment for this festival to have 26% of their own staff. we're